Five Things Every Client Should Do Before a Shoot

Five Things Every Client Should Do Before a Shoot

Get Plenty of Rest

This can not be overstated, if you are tired during your shoot you will look tired in your photos. Sleep is so important because it affects your eyes and even your skin.

Moisturise You Skin

The worst thing you can do is use products that dry out your skin to deal with acne. The problem is retouching becomes much more difficult to accomplish. The best thing you can do is use moisturiser twice a day for two weeks before your shoot.

Smooth Lips

Fixing dry lips in post production can be a problem. It is much better to show up to a shoot with luscious lips. Using lip balm is an easy fix to this problem.

Plan Your Wardrobe

You do not want to show up to your shoot not knowing what to wear. This seems like common sense but at I have run into this problem enough that it is worth mentioning.

Wear Loose Clothing To Your Shoot

This is really important especially if we are going to be shooting you with and without tight stocking during the shoot. If you show up wearing tight clothing it will leave marks that can take up two hours to disappear. We can start shooting with less and add more clothing as the shoot progresses.

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