The Studio

Denver Glamour’s New Studio Space!

Denver Glamour’s New Studio Space!

The Search Is Over!

Finally, the search for studio space is over for Denver Glamour Photography. I am now a member at the “The Studio Corp” which is a fantastic natural light studio. No, I have not given up studio flash. Professional studio lighting will always be part of my main foundation of creating and shaping light. Besides, what would I do if it is dark or cloudy? Cancel a shoot? No way!  Anyway, “The Studio” is a perfect place to do photo shoots. With three locations in Colorado, two in Denver and one in Colorado Springs “The Studio” brings a lot of different shooting opportunities. The main Denver location is at

The Studio
4950 S Washington Street Suite 200
Denver CO 80216

The Studio is on the second floor of the same building as Project Angel Heart. Project Angel Heart is a charity that provides meals to those suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Studio Sweet Studio

The space The Studio has is well lit and features two studio spaces. One for general portrait, headshot, and fashion photography. Furthermore, another studio is dedicated to boudoir photography. Other features of The Studio are it’s well-equipped kitchen with coffee, beer, and wine for clients to enjoy. This space also includes a children’s playroom and several private meeting rooms.  Also, the rooftop is available for doing high fashion shoots outdoors and rooftop boudoir for those who dare! Finally, this space also features a stylist bar, which both clients and makeup artists will love.

Natural Light Is Great Light

Because the focus of the studio has been on natural light for one reason or another, The Studio features great diffused light. Natural light when used correctly, provides a soft glow on skin and reduces skin imperfections. The Studio also has a selection of light modifiers to bounce and block natural light as well.

A Great Place To Shoot

I can’t wait to start using this space and will share the results of my next shoot there. So stay tuned!